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TIME - 5PM         DATE- 06TH   MAY  2021 (THURSDAY) 

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A tribute to Dr. Mony V.L was organised by CG3, a platform for connecting the Governed Governing and the Governance to commemorate the memory of the legend in the gracious presence of Dr. N.K. Jayakumar, Former Vice Chancellor, NUALS.

Dr. KP Kylasanatha Pillay Senior Advocate and mentor to CG3 delivered the welcome address and introduced all the eminent speakers . Dr. Pillay said that it was a distressful sad occasion for the untimely departure of Dr. Mony V.L. His sudden demise was like a walt from the blue, as he had forty years of long relation with him. Dr. Mony was a man of great standard of behaviour, virtue and character . He was one of the passionate and active supporter of CG3. His absence will leave an unbridgeable gap, a void which can never be compensated.

The key note speaker. Dr. N.K. Jayakumar, Former Vice Chancellor, NUALS spoke with a heavy heart because Dr. Mony was not only his student but was only like his young brother. His sudden and untimely departure is a great loss and shock to him. He also shared his vivid memories with Dr. Mony. He said that Dr. Mony was a rare combination of academics and personal humility. This rare quality outshined him and distinguished him from others. He will known for his inequsitiveness, skill, activeness, specialization in company law, dedication to his duty and commitment.

Dr. K. P. Kylasanatha Pillay welcomed the family members of Late Dr. V.L. Mony. Though grief striken they joined the webinar to make it meaningful.

Adv. Nagaraj Narayanan, Member Bar Council of Kerala and Secretary & Director, Kerala Law Academy shared that Dr. Mony will be known for his wisdom and legal acumen. He was a great jurist and a great personality. He was a very informal person with all the good qualities of a human being like compassion and a character without ego. He never went on conventional methods but used to tread the untaken path.

Dr.Sreejith S.G, Professor & Executive Dean, Jindal Global Law School said that it was a sombre moment for him. He shared that Dr. Mony epitomises return in law after 16 years of service as a beauracat. He has all the qualities of determination, faith and had an infectious quality. He further added that Dr. Mony was in the bliss of intersectionality of law and academicia. He never believed in practice and theory. He has an unsatitable appetite for the admiration of doctrate. He believed in the power of merit.

Dr. J.Vincent Comraj, Associate Dean, School of Law, HITS was extremely sad and emotional with the sudden demise of Dr. Mony who was like an elder brother to him. He too shared his personal experiences of his long standing relations with him.

Dr. N.L. Sajikumar, Asst. Professor, Govt. Law College, Calicut shared that Dr. Mony has a wide network of academicians all over the Globe which made him extremely popular amongst all. He was a self made and selfless man and always held that “Nothing is more important than service to humanity” . He said that though the loss cannot be quantified, the vaccum cannot be filled , so we all should try to feel his presence

through his works.

Ms. Saroja- She shared that Dr. Mony was a guide and a true friend always eager and available to help those in need. His demise is not only a personal loss but also a loss to the legal world where his contributions

were more to come.

Prof. M. K. Bhandari- He shared that one can only feel the pain and anguish over his parting . Dr. Mony was a real GEM- pure by heart and innocent as a child.

Achuth Kylas, Advocate, High Court of Kerala also shared that Dr. Mony was a giant in the field of Law with a charming and helping nature. Dr. Mony was a positive , adoptive and influencial person . Then Advocate Achuth Kylas, proposed a vote of thanks to the august gathering.



TIME - 5PM         DATE- 29TH   APRIL  2021 (THURSDAY) 

A tribute to the Pioneer of legal education and legal profession in India was organised by CG3, a platform for connecting the Governed Governing and the Governance to commemorate the memory of the legend  in the august presence of  Dr. Justice ( Retd.) K.G. Balakrishnan , the former Chief Justice of India  being the key note speaker.  

Dr. KP Kylasanatha Pillay Senior Advocate and mentor to CG3 delivered the welcome address and introduced all the eminent speakers . Dr. Pillay said that Dr. Narayanan Nair was a multi faceted personality , he being a man maker and institution maker. Dr. Narayanan Nair had an immense contribution in the field of legal education, legal research and publication and many other prominent fields of law.

The key note speaker  Dr. Justice ( Reid.) K.G. Balakrishnan discussed his close association with  Dr. Narayanan Nair . Dr. Narayanan Nair  was a pioneer  in starting legal private colleges in Kerala though the Kerala Law Academy was distinct amongst others. He also emphasised that wherever the  legal education is not upto the mark, there the legal system/judiciary is half baked or a failure. He further suggested that a chair could be created  in his memory and various lecture series should be held in his name which  to commemorate his memory which would encourage others to come forward for societal help as Dr. Nair and which would further help in the inclusive growth of the legal fraternity. 

Dr. N. K. Jayakumar, Former Vice Chancellor,  NUALS  recollected and shared his experiences and personal anecdotes with Dr. Nair.  He said that   Dr. Nair had an unlimited confidence, dedication and a streamlined focus to achieve his dream.  He made legal education accessible to the youth of Kerala which he thought was the tool of empowerment.

Dr. K. C. Sunny, Vice Chancellor,  NUALS shared that Dr. Nair’s law academy’s library has a vast collection of law journals of the world . We should appreciate him a visionary by accessing his approach to his law journals collection in which he was very particular.  Dr. Nair started moot court competitions  and always supported students for special training to go abroad and participate in moot court competitions.

Smt. M.G. Padmini, Retired Dist. Judge also recalled her close association with  Shri N Narayanan Nair and family during  her academic carrier at the Law academy and the continued guidance and support received from late Shri Narayanan Nair  through out her carrier as a judicial Officer. 

Adv. K.P. Jayachandran in his address remembered that it was only because of Dr.N Narayanan Nair that he chose the legal profession and he is indebted to him for all that he has achieved in his legal carrier. He also acknowledged the key role played by Shri Nair in establishing NUALS, under the auspices of BCK and also recalled Narayanan Nair’s dream of establishing an Academy for Lawyers for continuing legal education and proposed that there should be a memorial for Shri Narayanan Nair in honour of his service to the legal fraternity of Kerala.
Adv. Joseph John-, Chairman, Bar Council of Kerala also recalled his long association with Late Shri Dr.N Narayanan Nair starting as a student of the Law Academy, which continued up to the Bar Council and told that his contributions to as an academician and as a Bar Council member for the welfare of the Lawyers is un-parallel and unique and is worth emulating.

Adv. R. Mahesh Menon  proposed a vote of thanks to the august gathering.

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