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DATA PROTECTION – Emerging trends and its Human rights Perspectives


Prof. ( Dr) V.L.Mony, Dean, Hindusthan School of Law, Chennai.

Data protection is a significant area, which is focussed in modern times. The significance of the data largely increased largely due to its use and advancement of technology and the purposes for which it can be put. The regulations and protection of the data is largely a matter of human right and liberty. The protection is envisaged in various nations based on their respective rules and regulations. This article analyses the various aspects of data protection and its impact in the society.

The Sorry Status of Criminal Law and its impact on Prison Reforms


~Prof. Jose Verghese

RARE and exceptional insight into criminal justice system by a doyen of legal education in India, Dr.Jose Verghese. A former vice chancellor, vice chairman of the Central Admintrartive Tribunal and a leading lawyer of Supreme court of India. He has made his impact on the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) regime especially in Arbitration. An eductionist and researcher par excellence Dr.Jose Verghese is an author of good repute.



Dr.K.P.Kylasanatha Pillay

Contempt is a despicable thing. Causing contempt of the court is reprehensible. Causing contempt of the Supreme Court is horrendous. Courts are institutions of sanctified ambience. Polluting the ecosystem of the court is an offence against the court, constitution and the community. So contempt of court is contemptuous and the contemner is to be condemned for the contumacious behaviour. Here is a saga of the Supreme Court of India smouldering a contemnor who came like a mountain and chased out like a rat.


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